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Private Company Shareholder Disputes

Shareholders of private corporations and members of limited liability companies have comprehensive rights under New York State law. Unfortunately, minority shareholders and members are routinely oppressed and left out of any meaningful participation in their firm by majority owners. New York State law affords victimized minority shareholders and members remedies against such improper and unlawful actions. We offer a free initial consultation to private company shareholders and members who feel they may have been wronged.

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Private companies often start with a simple idea or project launched in a garage or cellar (e.g. Dell Computers and Microsoft). Oftentimes, the founding paperwork and documentation associated with the founding of private corporations may include simple agreements scratched on a sheet of paper without some of the more complete legal niceties associated with the formation of corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. A few years later, these shortcomings can cause problems when disputes arise over ownership, control, and compensation. New York statutory and common law includes various provisions and findings, which may help to resolve disputes of this nature.

Fraudulent Schemes and Investment Proposals

Additionally, prospective investors in private placements must also be aware of fraudulent schemes involving sketchy investment proposals.

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