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We offer a free confidential initial consultation to Whistleblowers who feel they may have a viable claim entitling them to recovery. Timothy J. O’Connor has been practicing Stockbroker and Securities Law for more than 32 years.

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The Federal Securities Whistleblower Incentives and Protection Statute is contained in contained in 15 USC § 78u-6. This statute provides qualified Whistleblowers the right to claim monetary remedies pursuant to its terms.

Whistleblowers are also offered the opportunity to file Whistleblower complaints anonymously through counsel without having to expose their identity to their employer during the time frame of the investigation and related proceeding process associated with a Whistleblower claim.

Whistleblowers are afforded protection against retaliation including discharge, demotion, suspension, threats, harassment and any other discriminatory action which a Whistleblower might face in the event their involvement with a Whistleblower proceeding is made known.

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