Month: November 2012

Living Benefit Annuities – Securities and Investment Law

In an article entitled Buying Your Own Pension, in the July/August 2012 edition of the AARP Bulletin, veteran financial writer, Jane Bryant Quinn, examines the wisdom of living benefit variable annuities.   In the article, those considering the purchase of variable annuities with living benefits are advised to first look at the annual expenses and […]

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Equity – Indexed Securities – Not Safe for Most Senior Investors: Investment/Securities Law Update

Equity-Indexed Annuities are complex financial instruments that have characteristics of both fixed and variable annuities.  The return earned by investors on equity-indexed annuities can fluctuate –  returns are not fixed or guaranteed and thusly carry more risk than a fixed annuity.  Many investors are not clearly made aware of this fact at time of purchase. […]

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New York State Investor Protection Bureau

The Investor Protection Bureau of the State of New York is a division of the New York State Attorney General’s Office.  This Bureau is charged with enforcing the Martin Act, New York State’s statutory securities laws.   The Martin Act empowers the New York State Attorney General’s Office to investigate suspected fraudulent activities in the […]

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