Stockbroker Law - Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Broker-Dealer Liability for Unlicensed Registered Investment Advisors

The past decade has seen an explosion of the number of Registered Representatives (stockbrokers) employed by brokerage firms opting to leave their employment status in the brokerage industry to become Registered Investment Advisors registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

While many Registered Investment Advisors choose to let their securities industry licensure (FINRA/CRD) lapse, many still maintain considerable ties to FINRA-registered brokerage firms they were formerly employed with.  Additionally, many Registered Investment Advisors in the securities industry have formed extensive ties to one or several brokerage firms, working closely with them on a day-to-day basis, notwithstanding their lack of licensure with these brokerage firms.

There have been numerous instances of the relationship between a brokerage firm and an unlicensed Registered Investment Advisor becoming blurred and intertwined with these non-FINRA-licensed Registered Investment Advisors having been deemed to be de facto employees of brokerage firms, notwithstanding their lack of securities industry licensure.

In circumstances of Registered Investment Advisor theft, malfeasance, or wrongdoing, victimized investors who have dealt with unlicensed, uninsured, insolvent or bankrupt Registered Investment Advisors have remedies against FINRA-licensed brokerage firms, who have permitted investment victimization to occur.

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