Non-traded REITs

REIT is an acronym for Real Estate Investment trusts and non-traded REITs are a very illiquid investment they’ve really difficult to resell and there’s no ready market for them but the biggest problem in the first instance with a lot of REITs is that the costs and commissions associated with them are very high and can be upwards of 15 percent of the money as you’re putting into it. So for example do you really want to start with 85 cents on the dollar no with some of these generous commissioned REITs? Your hundred cents is the only really 85 cents to start with and then the money’s you’re investing is invested in could be commercial properties it could be distressed properties. You often times doesn’t know what the properties are and they’re very difficult to get out of and they’re very risky many of them to have defaulted and many of them filed for bankruptcy and they’re not for mom-and-pop.


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