Trends on the Horizon

Well as three trends on the horizon right now. The first trend is the shift of old-school stockbrokers from the brokerage firm model to the registered investment advisory model. What’s happening is a lot of transactional brokers who have been stockbrokers with large national brokerage firms are moving from these firms to independent firms or to an independent model.In that context what we see is there’s a lot less supervision there’s a lot less compliance and there’s an incredibly increased prospect of unsuitable investments. Even theft of monies from clients and we see that as a trend over the past ten years tens of thousands of brokers have left the brokerage firm model to become affiliated with registered investment advisory firms and this is causing a lot of problems. The second trend we see is with the new fiduciary rule coming of age is the what I would consider to be the abandonment of IRA accounts. Many large brokerage firms are shifting these IRA accounts to call centers and in fact many customers accounts are being abandoned to these smaller off-site call centers and they’re no longer have human being brokers to manage their accounts. So what happens is their accounts are neglected and ignored and there’s going to be a problem because when you neglect accounts and they’re not supervised not maintained and not updated you can have situations where losses are sustained. The third trend we see coming and it’s on the horizon it’s here now is the shift of monies not only from the from the world war two generation to the baby boomers but from the baby boomers to their children. At any time there’s a transition of monies you’re going to see a problem and there’s presently several trillion dollars that are going to be passing hands over the next decade within these two demographic groups and oftentimes with these transfers of monies there’s a lot of bad advice thefts and tax taxable events are triggered where by qualified monies are not properly maintained in their qualified status resulting in excess taxes early withdrawal taxes and the IRS coming involved with your with your nest egg. So those are the three trends I see on the horizon and it’s it’s something you really got to be vigilant about. If you have a an elderly parent it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep track of their advisor or maybe acquaint yourself with their advisor have lunch with them even if they don’t want to share the particulars of the parents assets to let them know that you’re around and that you know who they are and that you’re in the wings if something bad happens.


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