An Investment Fraud Attorney Can Help If you Suffered Financial Fraud —Know Your Rights in Seeking Compensation and Justice for Your Loss

When you find that you have been a victim of financial fraud, you are likely to experience a range of
emotions. Stress, anger, embarrassment and distrust are some of the common emotions, followed by the worry
that you may never see your hard earned money again. But as a victim of financial fraud, you do have certain
rights and may be entitled to compensation. That’s why it’s important to contact an investment fraud

How can an investment fraud attorney or securities fraud lawyer help?

A securities fraud lawyer can inform you of your rights and let you know what your chances are for
recovering funds. After launching an investigation, the attorney, working in conjunction with law
enforcement agencies, will gather all the necessary information and seek restitution from the one who
committed the fraud against you.

Your rights to compensation may include:

• Payment of Restitution

• The right to file a civil lawsuit

• Recovery of assets

• Compensation awarded from reparations and seized assets

Each case is unique, and an investigation can take a long time. An investment fraud attorney will be your
main contact as the investigation continues. He or she will seek to obtain a settlement on your behalf that
results in you receiving all your monies back, and possibly even the cost of any expenses and attorney’s
fees incurred during the investigation and court hearing. In the case that the perpetrator does not have
sufficient funds locally to pay you according to a court order, their assets may be seized and forfeited,
and used to satisfy the debt they owe.

The most important thing to remember is that you DO have a right to seek restitution, and your best option
of doing so successfully is with the aid of a securities fraud lawyer. With time and perseverance, it is
possible for your financial comfort to be restored.

To protect your investments, contact securities fraud lawyer Timothy J. O’Connor. For more
information, please call Stockbroker Law at 518-426-7700 and ask for a FREE

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