Faced with Investment Losses Due to Financial Advisor Misconduct or Negligence? —An Investment Fraud Attorney Can Counsel You and Help Get Rightful Compensation

When you set up an account with a financial advisor, you essentially make a pledge to trust him or her
to make the right decisions regarding your monies and investments. In a perfect world, your advisor will
enable you to improve and expand your portfolio and you will never need the services of a securities fraud lawyer. However, in reality, losses may occur. Sometimes, this may be due
to economic turmoil that affects the marketplace. Other times, it may be due to fraudulent circumstances or
misconduct on the part of your financial advisor.

When this occurs, there are legal steps you may take that can hold your advisor responsible, and possibly
recover funds lost due to the advisor’s negligence.

When you should contact an investment fraud attorney:

• If you discover that your financial advisor is not properly licensed

• If you suspect that your advisor has engaged in fraudulent activity

• If your advisor engages in actions that are unexpected or contrary to what he or she told you would

• If you feel you were misled by your financial advisor

• If an investment you were told was safe results in a loss instead

How can an investment fraud attorney help?

When you make the decision to contact a securities fraud lawyer, the attorney will examine your accounts. An
experienced investment fraud attorney will know what to look for, and be able to make an informed
calculation as to whether you incurred losses due to fraud or negligence.

Your lawyer can inform you as to the chances of recovering any monies and the strength of your case. Typical
scenarios in which you may be deserving of compensation include:

• Fraud

• Breach of Contract

• Churning of accounts

• Unauthorized trading

• Unauthorized investments

• Inappropriate margin trading

If you feel that you might have incurred losses due to any of the above, contact an investment fraud
attorney. Your lawyer will explain your rights and discover if your suspicions hold merit.

To protect your investments, contact securities fraud lawyer Timothy J. O’Connor or visit our website. For
more information, please call Stockbroker Law at 518-426-7700 and ask for a FREE

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