FINRA Announces Requirement of Heightened Supervision of Complex Products in NASD Notice to Members 12-03

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
(FINRA) has recently defined complex products to include many of the investment vehicles whose risks
were exposed during the financial crisis of 2008-2009.  Examples of complex
products include the following:


  • Asset-backed securities secured by a pool
    of collateral, such as mortgages, payment from consumer credit cards, or future royalty


  • Embedded derivative component products,
    such as structured notes with an embedded derivative for which the reference asset is a constant
    maturity swap rate.


  • Structured notes with payoffs contingent
    upon the future performance of a reference asset.


  • Reverse convertible notes in which an
    investor might incur a capital loss as a result of the fall in the value of a reference


  • Reverse convertible notes with a “knock
    in” or “knock out” feature.


  • Range accrual notes.


  • Structured notes with “worst-of”


  • Exchange-traded products such as products
    providing inverse or leveraged exposure (i.e., CBOE volatility index [VIX]).


  • Principal protection products, which can
    lose their principal protection based upon a stated event.


  • Structured products with leveraged
    returns that are reset daily (i.e., leveraged or inverse exchange-traded funds, including
    leveraged and inverse ETF’s that are reset daily, meaning that they are designed to achieve
    their stated leverage or inverse objectives on a daily basis.)


  • Products with complicated limits or
    formulas for the calculation of investor gains.


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feel they have been improperly sold complex products.


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