Life Insurance Resource Center

The New York State Department of Financial Services maintains an online Life Insurance Resource
 describing the various annuity products sold in New York State including annuities
such as straight life annuities, life contingent with period certain annuities, life contingent with
refund feature annuities, joint & survivor annuities and period certain annuities.

Deferred annuity contracts include the accumulation annuity, the account
value annuity,and the cash surrender benefit annuity.

Types of accumulation annuities include
excess interest annuities, Modified Guaranteed Annuities (MGA), equity indexed annuities (EIA), and
variable annuities.

Other annuity features to consider when purchasing an annuity include bonus
annuities, replacement annuities.

We offer a free initial consultation to annuity product purchasers who
feel they may have been victimized. For an appointment contact The Law Offices of Timothy J.
O’Connor at (518) 426-7700.

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