Required Minimum Distribution Calculator

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority maintains a required minimum
distribution (RMD) for purposes of helping
investors determine their required minimum distribution from an IRA or 401(k) account. Investors in
these types of accounts are required to begin withdrawing money by April 1st of the year following the
year in which they turn 70 1/2. Failure to make the timely required minimum distribution withdrawals can
subject you additional taxes. Also notable, a retiree with a spouse more than ten years younger is
required to use a separate joint life expectancy table (IRS Publication 590) which generally
produces a lower required distribution.

FINRA maintains a required minimum distribution calculator on its website which can assist investors in
getting a better understanding of the required minimum distribution for any given year.

We offer free initial consultation to investors who feel they may have
been victimized and sustained unnecessary losses through improper required minimum distribution
withdrawals, instructions or advice. Please contact our offices at (518) 426-7700 to arrange a free
initial consultation.

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