Small Investors Continue to Sustain Devastating Losses in Unsuitable and Improperly-Recommended Gold and Silver Funds.

The past several years has seen a spike in the value of silver and
gold.  This rise in the price of silver and gold bullion and silver- and gold-based mutual funds,
certificates, and exchange-traded funds has been accompanied with a drastic increase in improper selling
practices of these silver- and gold-related investments.  The average small investor can ill-afford
to expose a disproportionate amount of their retirement nest egg to the volatile swings and price
valuations associated with these two commodities. 

Additionally, many stockbrokers and financial advisors have also improperly
recommended that investors utilize an available margin leverage in their customer accounts to purchase
yet further excessive concentrations in silver- and gold-related investments, as well as recommending
short selling and other speculative strategies associated with silver and gold, which has wiped out the
retirement savings of thousands of Americans.

 We offer a free initial consultation to investors who believe they may
have been improperly sold silver- and gold-based investments.

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